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All of the wines produced by CrossHatch Winery are co-fermented blends sourced from Santa Barbara County vineyards. CrossHatch was created in 2011 by winemaker Ryan Carr. After making only single varietal wines for eleven years, Ryan wanted to try something new. He and his wife Jessica came up with the idea for CrossHatch, inspired by the classic form of art. Cross hatching is an artistic technique that uses closely spaced intersecting lines to create shading, definition, and form in a drawing.

Carr took this technique and adapted it into the winemaking process by harvesting multiple varietals on the same day, then crushing and fermenting them together. Co-fermentation brings out and creates flavors in the wine that would not have existed otherwise. This makes the CrossHatch wine truly one of a kind.

To learn more about CrossHatch wines, check out the CrossHatch Winery Website.


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80% Viognier
20% Grenache Blanc

259 cases produced
The Patina is a co-fermented blend of Viognier and Grenache Blanc. The fruit was picked on the same night, lightly pressed and then fermented and aged in stainless steel for 6 months. The grapes come together to give this wine delightful aromas of crisp pear, white peach and floral notes. Flavors of lime zest, stone fruits and honeysuckle are followed by a soft, smooth finish. Perfect for poolside sipping and picnics. 

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SKU: ch19-patina

50% Sauvignon Blanc
50% Semillon

122 Cases Produced
In this finely crafted, co-fermented blend, the grape varietals do exactly that. The bright and vibrant flavors of the Sauvignon Blanc mesh perfectly with the soft full–bodied Semillon, bringing a gentle feel to this light and refreshing Bordeaux Blanc. These varietals bring together flavors of fresh lemons, lime zest, and ripe pear on the initial palate. The lengthy finish leaves you with a soft palate feel alongside subtle flavors of green apples and cream.

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SKU: ch16-tone

80% Grenache
20% Mourvédre

138 Cases Produced
The Shape Rosé is a co-fermented blend of Grenache and Mourvédre. The two varietals were picked on the same night and then gently crushed and soaked to extract color before pressing. The juice was cold fermented in stainless steel and aged for 6 months. Soft aromas of rose petals, citrus, and fresh strawberries introduce this Rosé while clean crisp flavors of bright cherry and lemon zest meet on the palate to create a refreshing sensation. This beautifully balanced and complex wine yields a light, smooth finish of guava and watermelon.

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50% Grenache
25% Syrah
25% Mourvedre

25 Cases Produced
These three varietals are co-fermented to produce a profound, deeply shaded garnet blend that exhibits aromas of ripe plum and black currant with a hint of leather. Flavors of black cherry cola and spice such as cinnamon and pepper collaborate to create a beautifully constructed balance on the palate. The richness of this wine is carried all the way through its finish and leaves lingering flavors of sage dried cherries.

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SKU: ch16-shading

60% Merlot
40% Cabernet Franc

177 Cases Produced
The co-fermentation of these two Bordeaux varietals yields contrasting flavors of soft baked plum, and vibrant, spicy earthiness of radish and root vegetables. The rich and velvet-like palate feel of the Merlot blends beautifully between the rugged and organic feel of the Cabernet Franc. This blend reveals its unique power mid palate, and gently winds down into a delicate and mellow finish.

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