2020 Carr Grenache Whole Cluster
2020 Carr Grenache Whole Cluster
Kærskov Vineyard, Los Olivos District
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76 Cases Produced

The Grenache grapes are grown at Kærskov Vineyard in the Los Olivos District. This head trained Grenache was made using our hand rolled whole cluster technique. Each cluster was placed in small fermenters where they were very gently rolled by hand making sure not to break any of the stems. The yeast penetrates the skin of the berry and ferments the juice inside allowing for optimum skin contact during fermentation. The pressure inside the berries builds until they explode. This approach to winemaking creates a very delicate fruitful wine with a silky rich finish. It is then aged 18 months in neutral french oak.

This invitingly flavorful Grenache was grown in the clay-lome soils of the Los Olivos District. The bouquet is subtle and complex with notes of wildflowers, and spices. The body is rich, with bright acidity and flavors of cranberry, cola, and black cherry. The finish is soft and silky with notes of dark chocolate and granite.

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Los Olivos District
Vineyard Designation
Kærskov Vineyard
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